Cyber Up with CERT Tonga

Cyber security threats are on the rise, so let’s Up our digital safety and security this Cyber Smart Pacific.

Just like in the ocean, you can encounter unknowns in the online environment. So let’s reduce the risk – cyber up with these four
simple steps to help be secure online.

So, step up your digital safety and security by taking these four steps:

Step 1. Upsize your passwords

Long, strong and unique passwords are much harder for attackers to crack. Try creating a passphrase that’s a string of four or more words, this is much stronger than a random mix of letters, numbers and symbols.

Step 2. Upgrade to two-factor authentication so your online accounts have double protection.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your online accounts by turning it on in privacy settings. When you next log in you’ll use a second step such as your thumbprint, facial ID or one time code from an app to verify it’s really you.

Step 3. Uphold your privacy to keep your personal information secure.

Before you share any personal information online, check your social media settings to ensure they are switched to ‘Friends only’ and that any requests for personal information are legitimate.

Step 4. Update your apps and software to keep bugs and viruses out.

As well as providing new features, updates also fix security risks that attackers can use to gain access to your personal information. Ensure automatic updates are enabled on all your devices to keep yourself secure.

Report it

If you, or a friend, family member, or colleague experiences a cyber security incident, report it to CERT Tonga. We are the National Computer Emergency Response Team for the Kingdom of Tonga, and we are here to help you identify cyber security incidents and resolving them.

Report Incident Online

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