An overview of our Services

CERT Tonga is a trusted source of information and advice on cyber security issues. We provide services to accomplish our vision, mission, and departmental outputs which is aligned to the National Strategic Development Framework II (TSDF II) Organisational Outcomes 4.3, 3.2 and 3.7.

4.3 – More reliable, safe and affordable ICT used in more innovative ways

3.2 – Improved Law and Order and domestic security appropriately applied

3.7 – Improved political and security engagement within the Pacific & the rest of the world

Our main services focuses on:

  1.  Engagements
    •  Engage with domestic, regional and international organizations to support the delivery of CERT Tonga’s output and assist in securing the region and the global internet space.
    • Provide secretarial duties to the CCTF and working groups
  2. Proactive Services
    •  Communicate intel information effectively with specific organizations/ sectors/ economies
    • Dissemination of advisory and threat information to constituents and the general public – Please refer to our issued advisories and security bulletins
    • Conduct specific awareness campaigns
    • Facilitate/Deliver Training
  3. Reactive Services
    •  Provide incident response and assist organisations in dealing with incident.
  4. Digital Forensic Services
    •  Provide digital forensic services to Tonga Police
    • Provide advice and support to stakeholders to assist in combating cybercrime