An overview of our Services!!!

CERT Tonga is a trusted source of information and advice on cyber security issues. We provide advice in many forms, from written advisories to sectoral briefings, and if needed onsite consultation and support. We offer a range of services including a phone, email support, technical guidance on mitigating cyber threats, incident response support and coordination, information sharing and capability building.

    1. General guidance
      • provide locally relevant, closed-source information regarding vulnerabilities and software platforms, and threats
    2. Denial of service mitigation
      • identify attack controllers
      • reach out to international partners to request takedown of attack controllers and mitigate attack traffic
      • provide specific advice based on the particular attack being employed.
    3. Incident response support
      • provide rapid access to initial advice and assistance during an incident, while other support and clean-up is being arranged
      • access whole-of-government specialist skills, expertise and information to help in mitigating threats and vulnerabilities
      • work with international partners to seek remediation of attacks originating overseas, and to respond to attacks originating in Tonga that are targeting infrastructure overseas
      • provide preliminary malware, log file and other artefact analysis to offer advice on optimal response activities
      • coordinate the disclosure of vulnerabilities between individuals, businesses and vendors. For further information.
  • Incident response coordination
    • coordinate the Government’s response with private sector during a significant incident
    • provide an initial point of contact and coordination for threats with an international dimension
    • notify Tongan websites and businesses of system network compromises based on information feeds from a variety of sources.
  • Information sharing and capability building
    • provide one-on-one briefings to businesses about the current cyber threat environment
    • conduct and contribute to cyber security exercises – nationally and internationally.